Based on a novel of Leonid Andreev, 2017

Our performance is about lies. The lies, which envelopes life and destroys all the best in us.
Performance is based on the text of russian classic Leonid Adreev, which is delicately and sexually intertwined with the language of modern choreography. The main storyline of the play is conducted in the first person by the main character. Obsession to get rid of the sense of lies eats him and makes him struggle with it.
Are YOU ready to live I’m lies or you want to kill it?

Participant of the festival “Inspiration” (2017, Tver)

Award: For physical expression

Director: Valentina Vambolt
Choreographer: Alexandra Dmitirieva
Actors: Konstantin Zakharov, Albina Liskonog
Composer: Albert Greb

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