About “Contemporary Workshop”

“Contemporary Workshop” is a laboratory for dancers and actors. It is a set of trainings of acting and dance techniques, psychological and mental practices and final performance aimed to elaboration of individual character of movement.

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Relevance: Lots of theater directors and choreographers face the problem of deficit in complex psycho-physical development of their artists: actors possess dance techniques not well enough while dancers have troubles with acting skills. In the end we have only “classical” forms of theatrics (drama, ballet and so on) and it makes particular restrictions to the development of theater arts.

The aim: The  point and the final result of our project is creating the compositive form of existing on the stage and elaboration of individual character of movement, which comes from inside, not from somebody’s strict direction.


  • To reveal the individual style and character of movement for every artist.
  • To teach dancers and actors to control emotions and express them through psychosomatic and physical means and resources of their bodies.


  • Professional and amateur dancers
  • Actors with 6-months experience in choreography

Contents of trainings:

  • Acting techniques;
  • Elements of theater of plastics;
  • Contemporary dance;
  • Individual improvisation and partnering;
  • Work with texts and body;
  • Psychological training “wake your emotion up!”;
  • Studying of origin and psycho-physics of body movement;
  • Muscles and emotions declamping by methods of Stanislavskiy, Meyerhold and Chekhov.

Final events:

  • Short performance on the stage
  • Movie clip shooting
  • Feedback with Masters of laboratory

Result for participants:

The participant of Workshop upon finishing will be able to classify their emotions accurately and to create new stage lexique based on emotional requirements of role.

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